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Funfetti Cakes

A Fun Spin On A Traditional Breakfast

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  breakfast! It's just something about the many flavors, smells and memories that come rushing back to me. For me I love cooking a big breakfast on a Saturday or holiday morning to get the day started. Why not provide those same feelings &memories for your own littles. I promise it will all be worth it. What better breakfast to create those memories with than FUNFETTI CAKES. Now I never had a chocolate chip pancake in my life but I guess you could call these the new choc chip pancake. Lot's of fun and plenty tasty. These pancakes are super easy (Just add water).
My kind of meal. Add a little marshmallow fluff, pre-packaged cake or cookie
icing, whipped cream & sprinkles or just plain old syrup and you just stepped up the fun
factor and you got a party in yo mouth! Other fun ideas is to use a metal cookie cutter
& shape the batter with that. Yum, Yum!
QUICK TIP: If you can't find this in the store I have links below to order or
take some regular Aunt Jemima Complete or your favorite pancake complete mix
& add sprinkles & if you have it add in a little white cake mix and that will solve the
Funfetti Pancake Mix Kit ($19.99 USD) 
Follow along for future recipes & fun activities and links to keep your littles entertained
in or out of the kitchen.

Funfetti  2020