Ice Cream Party

Make It FUN

Your Biggest Lil' Critic

Practical Food for the Everyday Mom

Kids LOVE to play around in the kitchen and they can be mini foodies & food critics too. Whether it's banging on pots & pans making noise or getting their hands messy throwing around flour or some other substance kids love this space.  The kitchen is the heart of the home & lots of fun can be had here. Either way you have a bit of extra time and why not use it to give your little one an extra special start to their day & show them some love.
I promise the recipes & foods I will be sharing will be quick, fun, kid friendly foods that your kids can assist you with or just simply enjoy at the table. Just jump right in there, pull up your sleeves, throw on your apron and let's have some fun!
Follow along for future recipes & fun activities and links to keep your littles entertained in or out of the kitchen.