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Updated: Jul 8, 2020

From left to right: Shops of Legacy 7161 Bishop Rd. Plano, TX around the corner from Francescas; 414 W. Davis St. Dallas, TX Across from The Salty Donut parking lot Bishop Arts District; United We Stand - Artists: @Dummyfresh & @Antzz104 300 West Davis St. Dallas, TX

Insta-worthy Murals

I took the time out to go exploring in my city again. This time my focus was on beautiful murals in the city. While I didn’t get around to seeing some of the cooler ones I’ve discovered I did however find some pretty awesome ones. Murals are a way for artist to express themselves outwardly, whether it be on social, political or racial issues.

Artist: Jeremy Biggers IG @Stemandthorn

166 Howell St. Dallas, TX Design

Since all of the racially charged events that’s been happening throughout the country there’s a large amount of new ones popping up around cities across the country (go check yours out). And because murals are rising again in popularity restaurants are now commissioning artist to have them on their businesses to attract people to come and post up for pics for the gram and Pinterest, driving traffic straight to them. I myself have found a lot of them through IG and also just exploring the city. Murals are also a way to expose our youth in under-served and impoverished communities to the arts.

So do a search and support your local artist and the social issues

they stand for.

From left to right Artist: Jeremy Biggers @Stemandthorn - 3101 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Dallas, TX close to Fair Park; Carrollton Old Downtown off 35N 1001 West Main St. Carrollton, TX by the water tower; Carrollton Old Downtown off 35N 1001 West Main St. Carrollton, TX by the theater; 2912 Elm St. Dallas, TX; The Boardwalk Union Bear Brewing Co. Restaurant 8200 Dallas Pkwy. Plano, TX; Artist: Ponchaveli - 813 Exposition Ave. Dallas, TX on the side of SANDAGA 813

From left to right Artist: Jeremy Biggers @Stemandthorn & @Hatziel - Glendale Shopping Center 4 Oak Cliff 4478 Oak Cliff, TX 75216; Artist; Juan Valázquez Noah's Art & Supplies Corner of Hemphill and West Ripy St. Southside Fort Worth; Artist: Samson Adenugba & Matthew Jeanbaptiste Breakfast Club 3711 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

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