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A Picture Perfect Holiday Steps for Choosing A Photographer (Holiday Edition)

Updated: May 29, 2021

Are you a picture person, I am. I always have been. I love taking pictures and looking back on those memories and reminiscing or learning more about the picture, especially now that I am getting older. My family has loads and loads of photo albums and we’re trying to get them transferred to digital now so that we don't lose any of those memories and history.

Lately I’ve been wanting to chronicle my own family's most precious moments more and more. I know there are lots of parents who don’t believe in putting their children all over social media without their children's permission for all sorts of reasons. But I just can’t help it. I want and love the memories and want to share them with the world. If I could have a personal photographer follow us around I would. Because there are lots of times that I miss the cutest moments. The last couple of months we’ve had some pretty big milestones and I could not pass on the opportunity to capture those moments. So what did I do? I hired photographers for both my 40th birthday and my 2nd born 1st birthday. And yes, I said photographers. I love supporting different individuals and my style sometimes can be from one extreme to the next so I wanted a variety of looks. So to help you out a little bit I wanted to put together a list of things that’s really important to me when choosing a photographer and once booked what your next steps should be. So below you will find my ultimate list along with some holiday pointers. Of course all of these tips can be used for any shoot during anytime of the year. If pictures with a professional photographer is not in the budget check out my Holiday Guide to DIY Family Photos.


  • Sourcing - Do lots of research at least a couple of months prior to your shoot. I love using Instagram. However, you could check out local groups on Facebook and search Pinterest or even Tik Tok. As you scroll check the captions and see if the individuals give photo cred. It usually looks like a 📸. Save the images that you like and name the folder you’re saving it to as Photographers.

  • Another way is just asking the people you know. We all receive Christmas cards every year or baby announcements or engagement or wedding pictures go back through those old announcements & cards and ask those people who they used.

  • Lastly, you could do a quick google search for the city you are in or going to or a hashtag search on IG

  • Price - Price can be a big factor in booking that amazing photographer. But don’t let that always deter you. Keep an eye on your fav. Because a lot of photographers offer specials and/or mini sessions. I scored my dream photographer for my 2nd born new born pictures with one of her specials. She was so gentle and knowledgeable and super professional. Make sure to interview them as if you were hiring someone for a job. Ask what all is included in the price (how long, is a studio included, how about props, or styling, makeup, what about prints or touch-ups for the pics) Also, remember this is an investment of your most precious moments so this not something you want to skimp on.

  • Style- Another important detail is what is the photographers style. Does it vibe with the look you want or are looking for? Are they best at editorial, studio, black & white, candids, commercial, drone, event, family, fashion, food, golden hour, lifestyle, newborn, night. The list goes on. For a full list check this source out https://www.stocksy.com/blog/types-of-photography/

  • Comfortability - The next biggest thing is being comfortable with the person shooting you. There are ways you can get comfortable if their personality doesn’t do it for you. You could make a playlist and have it playing from start to finish during your shoot, have someone there you are comfortable with prompting you or guiding you. Sit down and discuss expectations prior to shoot. Give the photographer a prompt list or shoot list (if at an event you want to make sure they know who you want images of so ppl to shoot, poses, things to make you smile or laugh, things to do to get movement from you (ie. tickle your sister, whisper something funny in your loves ear)

  • Experience - Ask about their previous experience, a portfolio


Once you have chosen your photographer make sure to go over these details with them and those who will be in the pictures with you.

  • Shot list

  • Mood board (inspiration)

  • Lighting (morning, evening)

  • Music playlist

  • Finding the right backdrop (indoors, outdoors, studio location)

  • Outfits - coordination of colors, fabrics

  • Weather (things to consider hair, clothing, poses)

  • Review pics as you go

Things to have on hand

- Kid snacks, Pacifier, Bottles, fav toy

- Extra make-up, blotting tissues, mirror, comb, brush, hairspray

- Change of clothing for kids or adults (in case of accidents)

- Towels or hanker-chief for perspiration

- Phone for kids entertainment (meltdowns)

- Bottled Water

Here are a few of my fav. top pics for the Dallas & Houston area. Some I’ve used and others I’d love to work with


IG: @Chasidynicolephoto

IG: @Angelicamarie

IG: @Phoenixmichelephotography

IG: @_Heyimbritt

IG: @Harborgrace

IG: @Lesliepalafoxphotography

IG: @Dlacyphoto

IG: @Karissfarrisphotos

IG: @Photosbyljk

IG: @huey_photos

IG: @rlouisephoto


IG: @Raekadephotography

IG: @Tomayiacolvin

I hope this helps the next time you’re booking a photographer. It has definitely helped me throughout the years.

Enjoy & have a bash!



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