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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Whooo it’s been a long 3 months. And the beach is calling my name. Who else is ready to be outside again without a care in the world. Is it even safe to fly on planes again?

As I mentioned in my last post I would love to be back in Saudi or maybe Dubai or Abu Dhabi again. I can picture it now me laying by the pool or the beach in a caftan soaking up the warm sun. Who am I kiddin’ that wouldn’t be me anyway with these kids over here hanging onto my

every limb. Well, a girl can dream. I need a private pool or beach.

When going back and forth from Dallas to Saudi I always have a lay-over in Dubai so it was only fitting that the first place I visit once I moved over to the middle east was Dubai and Abu Dhabi. When I tell you this place is bananas, I mean it. Dubai has a lot of qualities of the big cities in the U.S. while also keeping in tact a lot of their old world and traditional charm of the middle east. Whether you've come to shop, lounge on a beach, visit the attractions, experience a cutting edge thrill like jet flying or just came for the culture it's all there. You can do it all and you don't need much time. The city is very compact and easy to navigate. Most hotels have shuttles and drivers to take you where you need to go near or far and very reasonably priced. If you're traveling with kids most hotels have child care for children over the age of 2. The food options are endless and AMAZING! Lot's of American food options along with endless buffets. If you're thinking of traveling with kids or you're just an adventure seeker there are amusement parks, desert rides, an indoor ski resort, paragliding, sailing, the amusements are endless really. This place is a MUST to visit.

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