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A Spook-tacular Halloween w/ Tricks & Treats

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

I’ve never been a big halloween decor person, just more like Fall and seasonal changes (I actually collect the blown glass pretty pumpkins for my foyer) but they're in storage for now while were over in Saudi. Now that I have kids and we’re stuck at home for Covid it’s very different though. I say I’m not going to do anything or decorate and then something just comes over me. So I’ve put together a few little projects that I just couldn’t resist, some for the kids and some just for my amusement. If you’re looking for a small project that the kids can help you with or something they’ll get a kick out of, these ideas are for you. They’ll add a little festiveness to your home or gathering. Check out my Instagram for how to videos. Also, the wine picture above is an awesome semi-sweet blend by 19 Crimes Sweet Cali. This wine knocks it out of the park, it's not too dry and it's not too sweet. It's just right. Give it a try. I found mine at Tom Thumb and have seen it at Kroger (Randalls or Safeway should also sell it).

Halloween Oreo Jar

First up is the famous Kardashian Oreo Jar. This one is very simple. You just stack the Halloween colored Oreos alternately on each other. The jar and Oreos can be found at Walmart.

Candy Coffin

Now if you’re having a small Halloween gathering for your kiddos or doing a trunk or treat this is a cute one. Go to your nearest Party or Craft store and pick up a coffin or Skeleton body large preferably, I found mine at Michael’s. Fill it with all your goodies, alternate with contrasting colors, shapes, and sizes to make it more interesting. Throw in a hand or two to help so little fingers aren’t all over everything, lol!

Jeweled Skull Eye Candy

This is a nice craft for if you have a foyer table or sofa table and you want to make it festive for the holiday. Grab you a skull from any craft store (they all have them, except maybe Hobby Lobby) I got mine from Michael’s. Pick up some of your favorite jewels and a glue gun and crafting glue (Modge Podge works). I chose to use pearls and Swarovski crystals because I was looking for a little fancier look. So you can do a few things with this skull. You can hollow out the head and place a bowl inside of it and use it as a dish. What I am doing with mine is making it into a floral piece.

Monster Chocolate Pretzel Molds

This project requires a silicone finger mold (purchased at Michael's) Grab some pretzel rods from the store (Dollar tree had them in TX), white melting chocolate, and green & red gel food coloring. Melt the chocolate per directions and then add a couple drops of green food coloring, mix well. Pour chocolate into mold, add in pretzel rod and make sure it's covered w/ chocolate. Once dried color nail bed with red coloring.

Mummy Mozzarella dogs

These are fun for the kids to get their hands in and helping and what kid doesn’t like a good ol’ dog. Just grab you a pack of crescent rolls, I actually prefer puff pastries because they're less salty tasting along with the hotdog, get your favorite weenie. We like to use turkey dogs and cut them in half. Then some string cheese is needed to wrap those lil’ puppies up. Peel off a few strips of string cheese and wrap it around your dog. Then lay the wrapped hot dog on top of a cut section of puff pastry, slice the pasty into strips and wrap that lil' puppy up leaving a section open for the eyes at the top. For the eyes you can use mustard dots, cut olives, or we had some black peppercorns lying around. Bake at 325 for about 18mins and they're done.

Drive Me Batty Tortilla Chips

Grab your favorite corn tortillas and some spooky cute halloween cookie cutters. You will also need some olive oil and a bit of course sea salt. Let your kiddos cut out halloween shapes with the cutters and place them on a baking rack for extra crisp-ness, brush with olive oil and season to taste. Warm the oven to 400 degree for 10mins but watch closely so they don't burn. Pull out and enjoy with your fav dip. Yum

Wicket Good Wings

These wings were one of my favorite dishes my pops use to make for parties. And I'm carrying on the tradition. Pick up a bag of raw chicken wingets from your favorite grocer. Lightly season with salt and pepper. Prepare a bag of breading with flour, 1 tbsp corn starch, and 1 tbsp of baking powder and season as well with Lawry's Seasoning Salt, Pepper, Garlic Power, Onion Powder. Shake wings in breading mixture. In a cast iron skillet or fryer prepare oil for frying and fry until golden and cooked all the way through (about 10mins). Prior to cooking the wings prepare a sweet heat sauce with 1 stick of butter, 1 small whole bottle of Red Hot, 1 Small container of honey, add more or less honey and hot sauce to taste. Dip wings after they've been fried and then place them in oven for 30-45mins at 425 to soak in flavor and crisp up. Voila!

Enjoy & have a bash!



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