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How to Survive a Toddler Slumber Party

Hey Mama! In this season of Covid we are all trying to keep the kiddos busy and enjoying the fun day to day activities and holiday celebrations that we're use to. Unfortunately because of Covid we’re all doing our best to try and keep our kiddos safe and healthy too. So navigating this thing and also still keeping it fun has been a challenge. But I’m here to help you out mama and give you all of the best tips and tools.

So I wanted to do something fun for my kiddo this fall where she could still enjoy her friends and I could too. And I thought a sleepover was the perfect thing. And let’s face it slumber parties aren’t the old school sleepovers we’re all use to. A lot goes into slumber parties these days from personal tents, to picnics, to full-on mom and daughter girl nights in hotel suites. So we decided to go for it and go all in and do a hotel suite staycation at Great Wolf Lodge. GWL is an indoor/outdoor waterpark hotel resort in Grapevine, TX (Dallas). This place is AWESOME! It’s so kid and adult friendly. We didn’t have the large camp suite which is soooo cute and themed out because that didn’t fit our needs but we did have a nice comfy room for ourselves and kiddos. Two queen beds, 1 pull-out full couch, 1 King bed two full baths and 3 tvs. This was perfect for us and our 5 small toddler kids being that this was most of their first times doing this. We also rented a day cabana which allowed us to check in super early at 10am and have the room and cabana all day. The cabana came equipped with a cabana boy, cable tv, towels, drinks, and comfy lounge seating and was very reasonably priced. there are a few restaurants, bars, and might I add a Starbucks on the property and a kids spa. So many things to do and we didn’t have enough time to do it all. Arcades, story time, adventure obstacle courses, some sort of laser tag and more. This is a kids dream place. Below I’m going to share with you some tips I thought would be very helpful when hosting or attending a fun slumber weekend.

Tip 1 - First things first we all know that a toddler slumber party is not a one woman job. So grab your girls, preferably ones that enjoy a cocktail or two and have their own kids. If that doesn’t work for you, you need to join a mom squad and stat because all us moms need support.

Tip 2 - Make sure to have plenty of snacks, treats, yummy kid friendly food and drinks. Don’t forget the adult snacks & beverages too. It’s always a good idea to have a cute little set-up like the one I show below. And make it easily accessible so you won’t have the kids nagging at you about snacks all night. My go to snacks that always work is pizza rolls or pizzas, Rice Krispie treats, popcorn, cupcakes, cheese sticks and crackers, Chex mix, queso & chips.

Tip 3 - Get you a great movie and music playlist to start and end the party off right for both mom and kids. Because what’s a party without music, right! Music gets the bodies moving and gets everyone in a good mood and excited. Try checking out Kidz Bop on Apple Music or YouTube on your smart tv. The kids can learn some new dance moves and the moms can have a ton of laughs. Then at the end of the night they can settle in on a movie and fall off to sleep. Oh and might I add reality tv for the adults is always great for good commentary throughout the night and juicy conversation that can be turned into personal talks.

Tip 4 - Please make sure your kid or the other kids if they’re without parents have their favorite blanket or toys to soothe them, check for allergies, night time music, medicine, and favorite foods if they’re picky eaters. All sorts of things set kids off and the smallest things help kids get comfy. Even if it’s their favorite pjs anything and all things help.

I hope these tips can help wrangle your little ones and help you enjoy your sleepover much better.

Enjoy and have a Bash!



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