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Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Hot, Hot, Hot

So this past week we celebrated 2 birthdays. And we decided to enjoy the occasion and togetherness by having an Island Vibes themed party for the immediate family since it's been so hot and the islands is where we would all rather be. I like to do it big when we have our parties because well, I can and it’s what brings me joy. To see a smile on people’s faces when they see all of the details makes me giddy inside.

Hang out for a bit and vibe with me because “Every little thing is gonna be alright”. If you’re looking to punch up your next birthday or small gathering take a few of these ideas and make it happen. If you don’t want to cook and you’re in the Dallas area there are a few good Jamaican and Island Spots to hit up for catering. See below for the list. And check out my Let's Party It's Your Birthday post for how to make it extra special, personalized, and super themed

Sample Island Vibes Party Menu

Recipes linked in pink

Calypso Wings - Wing hack (Get your fav plain grilled or baked win-gets and make your own sauce (A little light Soy, Sweet Thai Chili, Ground fresh ginger, Sriracha sauce)

Conch Fritters (Visit your local Asian mart for fresh conch)


Fried White Fish

Cole Slaw

Mini Crab Cakes

Beef Patties

Grilled Pineapple

Seafood Pasta

Atlantic Salmon Dip

Key Lime Dip Cup

Tequila Shooters DIY

Purchase mini Don Julio or Patron Shot bottles I prefer the Patron (they're so cute). Open the bottle and swap out the pure liquor for a pre-mix margarita mix. 1800 has a few good ones or make your own with the liquor and pour back in the mini bottles. Take the round quarks and drill a small hole into the tops with a small dremel drill. Replace quark, blow through the hole first to make sure it is clean of debris and it doesn't get in your drink, then cut a straw down 3/4 of the way stick it in with a salted lime through the top. Grab you a piece of wood, throw some salt on it and a few more limes and there you go, you got a cute little set-up. I know, I know most of the islands are big on rum, I just chose to go with margaritas because I love them so much and we're in Texas!

Throw you on some Caribbean music, have you a little drink and vibe out. Hope you enjoy!

Good DFW restaurants for yummy island food

The Island Spot N. Oak. Cliff & Carrollton, TX

Tommy Bahamas Plano

The Latin Pig - The Colony

Taste of the Islands - Plano

Reggae Pit Stop Jamaican Grill - Frisco CLOSED

Caribbean Cabana Dallas Farmers Market

Elaine’s Kitchen South Dallas

Heroes Lounge Dallas

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