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Glamping in the Woods

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

Are you thinking of spending some time living that cabin life, if not, you really should. This is an awesome vacay for all, singles, blended families, extended families, friends, and couples. It’s a

great vacation for people with young kids and older. If you’re looking for some time away to reconnect or get away from it all this is for you. Cabins can be found through AirBnB, VRBO or searching online for Brokenbowluxurycabins. They can range anywhere from $180/night all the way to $1,500/night. The beauty in this is you can get a lot for your money and split it between families or friends and still have the space to spread out.

"Imagine your guest when they arrive to their temporary home to something so posh"

The cabin we stayed in was about $2K for 5 days, 4 nights and it was worth every dollar. It felt like our own personal resort or timeshare. The cabin came equipt w/ all the cooking items you need, coffee maker, hot tub, fun Pac Man and other video games, an outdoor living space, fire pit and lots more. Only thing I was missing was a personal chef (I guess that was me). So I wanted to share with you all a few ways I made it feel just like home with a resort flair for us and our guest.

Here’s what I did. I love catering to people. So I welcomed everyone w/ a pre-made charcuterie board, found at my local grocer and zhuzhed up. To jazz it up remove it from the store bought packaging, place the items on a nice, cute board (found at Target or Home Goods). Can you tell those are my fav stores? Add a few accents like holly leaves, cranberries, or any type of garland for that matter. Imagine your guest when they arrive to their temporary home to something so posh. They will wonder how'd you ever do all of this. If cooking and that sort of thing is not "YOUR" thing you could also welcome guest with a cute welcome box full of tylenol, miniature liquor bottles, jammies, journals or so on.

Put together a menu of themed nights. Make dinner prep all inclusive & fun for the kids or whole family or friends by having a make your own personal pizza night, let the kids make the pizza dough or do something similar for lunch with a do-it-yourself sandwich making afternoon or eve. I opted for an Italian night, barbecue to include my husband (really so I could have a night off), and Seafood night. Other options include burger or sliders, or a nacho bar with all of the toppings.

And no cabin stay would be complete w/o hot chocolate & s’mores and right now fun sweet boards are all the rage. So pack the toppings on a cute board or clear out a section of the counter & create magic w/ all of the toppings.

The rest is really up to you. Do all of your research before going. Check to see what grocers are near and it could save you some trunk space. Invest in a space saver bag to strap to the top of your SUV to help with space for luggage. Put together a bomb playlist that everyone can jam to on the way there or while you’re there. Get all of your streaming platform passwords and get ready to stream & binge all of your favorite shows or movies. Bring bathing suits, bug repellent, sanitizing sprays, iPads & computers for extra streaming for the kids, pack n’ plays or you can ask if there is a service that provides that sort of thing. Bring things to keep yourself occupied that you normally wouldn’t do (read a book, catch up on scrapbooking, write in a journal, put together a puzzle). The place we stayed in was newly built and there were so many more still being built so you could luck up. They come professionally cleaned. Most of them supply cleaning products such as dish detergent, laundry detergent, hot tub sanitizing tablets, towels and linens, all major cooking items, smart TVs, and games for you to feel comfy.

I hope you can find time to take your own trip and enjoy. We’ll definitely be making this a family tradition.

Make it fun and have a bash!


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