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Mi Casa Es Su Casa (Making your little abode guest ready)

Updated: Jul 24, 2020


Who loves entertaining? ME!!!! I love to entertain. And It’s been pretty tricky these last few months for me not really being in my own home but I make it work when needed. But with all that’s going on more people are traveling by car again and opting for more cozy digs when they get to their destination. And one of those destinations might be your home. So let me get you prepared and ready and at your best. I’m not a southerner by birth or anything but I have been living in the south for half of my life now and I do believe in good ol’ Southern Hospitality and showing someone a good time. I’m the person who still believes in pulling out the “Good China” and giving your guest the fresh new linens if they’re staying over. I like my guest to feel at home, comfortable. So below I’m going to give you all of my tips to making your home Mi Casa Es Su Casa. I'm going to have you prepared mentally and physically. So once your home is prepared then come on over and check out this post on some of these ideas to help you get prepared before and recover after.

  1. Give your home a good deep cleaning the day before or day of your guest arriving (do it yourself or hire someone) clean those fans and baseboards peeps

  2. Get the scent just right. Light a few candles or get some wall flowers to freshen the home’s smell and give it a signature scent. I love vanilla, you can check out one of my favorites here on Amazon!

  3. Make sure all linen and beds are fresh and clean and sprayed down with Frebreze

  4. Remove all used old soaps from the bathrooms and use a fresh new bottle or bar of soap or refill your soap dispensers

  5. Make sure you have replacement toiletries on-hand, accessible and visible for guest (toilet paper, feminine products, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion). Quick tip: Put a drop or two of your favorite smell good on the inside of the cardboard of the toilet paper.

  6. Pull out a couple throw blankets and maybe cozy socks especially if you keep your home cool

  7. And please put your pets up in the garage, back yard (if cool only outdoors) laundry room, bedroom or basement area if ppl aren’t familiar w/ them. Nothing worst then someone having an allergic reaction, or scare due to the pets.

  8. Fill your fridge w/ refreshing drinks, juice, soda, water, coffee and a few staple breakfast items and snacks. I love to have a dip or two available (Dip recipes)

  9. Libations are always a good idea

  10. If people are in town for the first time have a list of places in mind of where to eat, party, shop, drink, tour, and must see

BONUS: Sage your home before and after to release any negative energy or negative energy that may come into the home.

I love entertaining in the fall around Halloween and Thanksgiving so I can so off my awesome pumpkin collection. Don’t entertain people in your home if you’re not able to financially, physically, or emotionally. Entertaining is not for the faint at heart and it can be draining. But when people leave your home you want them to feel like they are welcomed to come back. I’m not saying turn your home into an Airbnb but it is nice to welcome a guest or two into your home every so often. It's company fro both you and them.



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