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My Sweet Cabana Life


So my sister put me onto something new recently Charcuterie boards or some call them Grazing Boards. I know, I know, I don’t need another new thing to switch my focus to but they’re so fun, and when she makes hers they’re so good. So you know I had to remix it by putting my fun spin on it by making mine a sweets and treats nosh board. And since I had another reason to do something fun because we had another birthday to celebrate, well you know it, I wanted to pull out all of the stops. What better fun way to do it than to make this super cute, sweet candy resort, quarantined birthday style. So this called for All The Candy, blow-ups and all!!!!

To make this resort super sweet I started with making these boards. I first started with finding

just the right trays, something that would fit the theme. A lot of people make these boards on actual wooden slabs, cutting boards, or slate or marble slabs. I of course upping the fun factor wanted to find some sort of neon tray and I got lucky and found mine at a Going Out Of Business Sale for Off Sacks for 5 bucks, sorry Saks! Lucky me!!!! 2nd I did a Dollar Tree haul. I went shopping for all of the birthday girl's candy favs. But I also made sure I had variety of candy in contrasting colors and different shapes and mounds so the board didn’t come out flat. When making these boards you want lots of variety, that's the tip. You also want to make sure everything flows well. Then for the fun part. I ripped open all of the boxes and started pouring and arranging. If something didn’t look right or it was out of place I moved it. You may also want to keep certain items away from each other for taste reasons or with certain foods that may get soggy if you have something moist or with juice (such as with the dessert board and the grapes and strawberries). Then to finish up the look you could add extra stuff like flowers to spruce it up, fruit, or sprinkles.

Now for the lounging part. We had a few celebrations a few weeks back and purchased a nice large blow-up pool so we used that to create the water element of the resort. Then to top everything off I built a lounging cabana out of PVC pipe purchased from Lowe’s, I found this super fun and cute fabric and rope from JoAnn’s Fabric, Blow-up gummy bears from Amazon, And I used an air mattress and a white sheet to top it all off with. I also found some cute party knick knacks to throw in as a gift like the fun confetti glasses and birthday cup you see above.

And because we like partying so much we continued the party the next morning with a brunch board filled with lots of pastries, fruit and so much more goodness! On the scale of difficulty this was a really easy and do-able project that anyone can make as long as you have glue, patience, time, and a good eye for style.

Have a Bash!



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