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Need More Spa-tacular Days

Last month shaped up to let's be honest a pretty crappy month for many in Texas. A few days in particular which brought record breaking, coldest temperatures in Texas since 1899. And I'm no stranger to cold, growing up in Michigan and all. People all throughout the state lost power & water for over 12-72 hrs, days at a time, some rolling, pipes were bursting and flooding people's homes and leaving them in the frigid temps with nothing. This was so heartbreaking, terrible and hard to understand how something like this could have happened. Not to mention all during a pandemic.

However, this was also my kiddo's birthday week and Valentines so I had to keep it light and cheery and always fun. And since I love creating a celebration out of nothing, I couldn't let her celebrate with just cake and ice cream. I wanted to give her a fun and relaxing mommy and me day. So what better way than a spa day to take us away from all of the chaos & mess going on and change it into a spa-tacular day.

The Set-up

It was such a needed distraction and gave me so much happiness to give her one of her best birthdays she’s had in her 4 years on this Earth.

Since her birthday falls the week after Valentines I used

that as a reason to show some love to her and 3 of her friends. We started with a movie night with her friends on Valentines eve and they had a blast watching The Croods 2 on the projector and wrecking shop playing and just being kids. I set-up with a movie backdrop ordered through Amazon Prime. For seating I purchased 4 silver and gold glitter blow-up poufs from Five Below. The blue iridescent fringe was purchased at Target in the party section. The green food baskets, pre-popped movie popcorn (which is so good), and theater boxes were all from Dollar Tree, food trays, party plates, plastic flutes, napkins, all from Party City.

Now, on to her actual birthday February 17th. I set her up a personal spa date with just mommy & birthday girl and her doll, complete with spa tubs, face mask, mini mani and pedi, spa food, a birthday toast, and a cookie baking session. It was such a joy to take the day off from watching and hearing about all of the sadness going on amidst my fellow Texans. Thank God He spared our household from losing power, flooding and contaminated water and allowed this day to go on without any issues. See below for all items linked for the perfect girl, girl spa day. You'll need one after hearing about all of this chaos.

Spa-tacular Day Finds

Glitter Gold & Irredissant Blow-up Poufs

Hello Neon Glow Sign

Nail Stickers

Gummy Bear Bath Bomb w/ Surprise

Gummy Bear Face Jelly Face Mask

Ice Cream Bath Bomb w/ Surprise

Cucumber Cooling Eye Pads

Lip Mylar Balloons

Macaroon Bath Bombs

Sparkly Mermaid Sequin Fabric

Sea Shell Paper Plates

Kid Spa Tub w/ Water Beads

Doll Spa Tub w/ spa day kit & water beads

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I hope you can find time to relax and enjoy. Make it fun and have a bash!


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