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Our Little Summer Beach Bungalow

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

"Our Gingerbread Beach Bungalow"

We want to take you to our beach house today. Since Summer has begun and we're all a little apprehensive about getting out. This is a cool and fun activity for the kids to do. Of course as always it can get a little messy but the kids will love licking the icing and eating the sprinkles & pretzels. This is a great summer activity for the younger pre-teens to do on their own too.



- 1 Gingerbread house pre-made

- 2-3 different colored pre-piped Icing Bags

- Sprinkles

- Pretzel Sticks

- Mermaid Tail Mold

- Brown Sugar for sand

Follow directions for putting together the gingerbread house and


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