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Pinterest, Insta, and Facebook the New Google, Yelp, and Yellow Pages

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Be a Tourist

in Your City

Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? I love exploring the cities and areas that I live in. You can find all kinds of hidden gems. These days Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook are my new Google, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. I can find all the hot spots just by doing a quick scroll sesh (session) to see what’s hot. Hopefully your'e feed is diverse enough so that you are exposed to different material. I use to have a one dimensional IG feed. But I soon realized there’s more out there. And once I started following more people with different interest it busted my social media world wide open.

3 Ways to Expand your Horizon

- Follow a diverse group on IG, Pinterest & FB

- Dig deeper & observe IG location geotags or comment creep & look for location clues in the comments or even in the hashtags or just simply ask, if there's something you're interested in

- Utilize the hashtag, start with your city & then expand adding what you're interested in

Now is a great time to explore your cities, make your own fun. Create a plan to explore new and different restaurants, neighborhoods, dessert spots, parks, and find murals. I usually start with Pinterest or Instagram and look at my foodie peeps pages, then if I’m looking for parks or different activities or interactive museums I’ll search hashtags for the topic and then dig

deeper into the account by finding the names of different places (ie. #interactivemuseums, #dfwhotspots). Then I’ll go on to check Google or Yelp to get the local current info information.

There’s less traffic outside these days so it’s a great time now to explore without the crowds. Make it fun and make a scavenger hunt out of it with your kids or spouse and create a whole itinerary and map for the weekend or day.

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