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Let’s talk travel because I know if you haven’t already you may be planning some sort of trip before school starts back up. Especially being that everyone is itching to get back out there and travel again. And now that travel bands are lifting and vaccines are being given I know you are trying to plan the trip of a lifetime. Speaking of which, I have traveled more in the last 4 years of my life as a mother than my whole life possibly. And now that I have two in tote under 5 the struggle is real. So let me give you the lowdown on traveling with tots in the car or by plane. Let me tell you, it’s not for the faint at heart. Here's 10 things that will make travel with tots a bit easier.

"Let me tell you, it’s not for the faint at heart. So let me give you the lowdown on traveling with tots in the car or by plane."

10 Travel Tips Tot and Mom Approved


  2. ENTERTAINMENT (coloring books, tablets w/ downloaded shows, music & offline games or activities) HEADPHONES

  3. COMFORTS (blankets, pacifiers, toys, nighttime music) anything to make them more comfortable

  4. Comfy & easy off clothing, shoes, & socks, shoes will come off

  5. SANITIZATION ITEMS (Baby wipes, hand wipes, sanitizer, Lysol wipes, disposable toilet covers, travel Lysol spray, plastic bags, extra diapers/pull-ups, change of clothes for spills and accidents)

  6. MEDICATION (Tylenol, Benadryl, saline spray, allergy meds)

  7. EXTRAS (Phone/tablet/headphone chargers, extra battery pack, bottles (milk is unlimited for kids under 2, needs to be in a container you don’t mind opened, ice packs)

  8. SNACKS - Now is not the time to deprive or get picky (bring a variety sweet, salty, nutritional, filling) on long trips kids will go through a plethora of changes and you need to be prepared. Make sure to leave meaty, smelly, or items that spoil easily home

  9. APPS- Download anything and everything (as much space as you have on as many devices as you have) check before you leave on WiFi that it is available offline still before leaving home (NETFLIX, APPLE TV, DISNEY NOW, ABCMOUSE, AUDIBLE BOOKS, APPLE MUSIC OR SPOTIFY)

  10. Make sure you have identification for all kids (passports or school ID) and make sure if you have an infant you add them to your ticket prior to getting to the airport by a simple phone call

Make sure your child gets a good night rest prior to leaving so there are no meltdowns on the way to the airport or if riding by car it’s good to leave in the evening or before a nap then they’ll be good and sleepy. If you have a child under 2 ask for a bulkhead seat, planes usually reserve that area for people w/ kids and offer bassinets

Prepare for if you are going anywhere with a time difference to turn in early and wake up super early or middle of the night, ask in advance about kid clubs, child care and ages, most hotels offer free service for cribs and bottle warmers and other necessities, and if you don’t want to hall all of your items there are also services in different places where you can rent high chairs, strollers, car seats and more. And rental car companies also offer car seats for rent most of the time for an additional fee

Happy traveling and have a bash!

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