Keep It Light

How do you talk with your toddlers about what‘s going on in the world right now? It’s important to discuss but in a way that they can understand. The conversation doesn’t have to go into detail about today’s events in it’s entirety, it just needs to touch on the differences of people and the importance of understanding and respecting those differences. It is also important for me to discuss with my kids about their feelings and expressing them the correct way. We discuss anger, sadness, anxiousness, and frustration. This way my kids understand how, when, and who to direct those feelings towards the healthy way.
Check out our list of kid's books that are good to start discussions about today’s current events, feelings, and building self esteem. Also if you missed the CNN and Sesame Street Town Hall about Standing Up Against Racism CLICK HERE to view. This is a great piece to watch with the kiddos and still keep the conversation light.

Navigating the TALK (Racism)