Make It FUN

Activities for a Week

They're loud, intrusive, annoying, and disruptive. Yup, your kids are your new co-workers. So you're stuck in the house with your kids all day & night? Part of this means for some of you that you still have to find a way to work with and around them. Whose already going insane & stressed out about the ongoing possibility of your kids being home weeks upon weeks? 
Hang with me and I'll share some tips, activities, advice, & links to help you get through this and deal with the insanity. We'll Make It FUN!!! If not for you, them, lol! Because after-all their lives have also been disrupted. And part of our job as parents is to nurture their little minds and bodies. 
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Learn more about Water works & yummy, quick breakfast ideas to keep a smile on their sweet faces.

Schools Out Summer Fun

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