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The key to this whole work from home with kids situation (might I add is a joke because you may or may not get anything done, but hey it's worth the try) is to distract, keep them busy, & keep them in some sort of routine. Whether that is with food, fun, friends and/or family (which we will call the 3 F's). This particular activity will focus on fun. And if you're crafty enough this could offer up at the very least an hour of time back. Now, I just want to let you know there are no rules to this. You don't have to do this first thing in the morning, just when you're looking for those quiet hours. And if you play it right and do it right before snack and nap you could get in a good 2-4 hours back in your day.
Included below are link suggestions for fun water toys & other fun age appropriate water activities for your other kiddos at home too. Scroll down for more...

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